The world is vast and large. Countries, states, cities, land, mountains, hills, rivers, oceans populations, people, families, mothers, fathers, children, history, culture, FOOD! In all the world the number one commonality that joins together people and culture is FOOD! We all have to eat food. In every culture, people use food as a way to connect with others, as a way to communicate about time and history. Every people and culture celebrates life with their own traditions and renditions of recipes passed on from generation to generation. In this blog we will become cultural anthropologists as we study culture and create recipes from around the world using spices as our star ingredients.



The tradition of using spices in cooking can be traced back as far as 2000 BC throughout China and Southeast Asia. There are references to spices, especially herbs in Egyptian tombs as they were used for embalming. Early cultures such as the Mesopotamians, Romans,  and many Asian cultures have been credited with the early distribution of spices around the world, with the Egyptian state of Alexandria being the first main trading center for spices.

The famed spice roads of the world have been known to be a cause of many wars and stories of thieves and heists run rampant through the regions. Passed down from generation to generation, these stories tell of a time when only the richest of the world’s citizens could afford to have a spice chest. Spices were always behind a lock and only the most trusted of servants had a key. In our modern world spices are readily available to most people on the planet. Whether it be a small Ethiopian tribe in the South Eastern part of Africa making their famed Berber spice for daily meals, an Indian family grinding spices for their own unique version of Garam Masala, spices made in a manufacturing plants for large conglomerate grocery stores, or small batch organic spices made by me the Sonoma Spice Queen; spices have changed the way we look at food in our daily lives.

Enter me: culinary adventure Wind McAlister and owner of  Sonoma Spice Queen a 100% organic spice company located in  Petaluma California. Through my love of cooking and cultural exploration I bring to you  organic, hand crafted, small batch spice mixes and rubs, that turn your everyday meals into culinary masterpieces. My goal is to awaken your palate while making everyday cooking easy to manage.SSQ_2Print6781

In this blog we will explore recipes from across the globe using my spice mixes and rubs as key ingredients as well as a plethora of individual spices and herbs. You can order from http://www.sonomaspicequeen.com or visit 407 C St. Petaluma Ca if you want to make your kitchen smell as yummy as mine!

Stay Tuned! In my first recipe blog we will learn about the Peruvian Aji Amarillo Chili ! I will provide a recipe for chicken and pineapple tacos using the Aji Amarillo as the base for our sweet and spicy sauce. Remember all of the recipes can be  made vegetarian, vegan or glueten free with only a little bit of tweaking to fit your dietary needs.

Happy Cooking!


Sonoma Spice Queen